Windows 10 with enhanced search functionality

Microsoft is planning to launch a new search feature on the first Windows 10 features update for 2019 (Windows 10 version 1903).

The new Windows Enhanced Mode feature appeared in the latest Windows 10 Built which was released for Insiders.Windows 10

So although too many Windows 10 users are still waiting for a stable version of Windows 10 v1809, the deployment for the next feature update continues.

What is Windows enhanced mode (Enhanced Mode)?

Below we will try to understand how Windows search works to see what's the difference in improved functionality. Microsoft names the search function that currently has classic Windows mode.

Classic search indexes certain locations in the operating system, such as libraries or desktop data. Users can add or remove sites from search. When we say indexing we mean that Windows adds file names to a database to speed up searches.

Enhanced Search now indexes all computer locations.

Looks for your entire computer, along with libraries and desktop. However, choosing this search may shorten the battery life and increase the CPU usage.

How to Activate Enhanced Search

To do this, you need to use Windows 10 in the 1809 version.

  • Push the two Win-I keys together to open the Settings app on your computer.
  • Open the Search - Windows Search page.
  • Change the setting from from classic search to improved (recommended).

Enhanced Search is immediately activated and will index all of your hard drives, locations, and files in the system. You can exclude locations that you do not want on the same settings page

Note that improved search will make it easier to search in Windows. Of course the result will be the same as classic search, however, with the enhanced will automatically include new devices and locations.


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