Windows 10 bug fix that did not exist…

With the February update, Microsoft stopped two of its features Windows 10, Intel Cameras for Some Users and File History (Fillet History or backup tool).

Although Microsoft acknowledged problems with Intel cameras in a post on the Feedback Hub, the company never reported any problems with the built-in backup feature. Windows 10.

For those who do not know, File History is a backup solution Windows 10 that can store specific files or folders on a backup device.

File History is an automatic backup tool that requires you to have an external hard drive connected to your computer. By default, File History is designed to automatically save files and folders to the connected device so users can restore the previous version of the files.

So those who installed their updates Windows 10 in February, they noticed that the File History it stopped working and the backup size was displayed as zero (zero bytes). Some did not even notice the message "No backups have been made yet".

They noticed same to you that the "Backup" button was no longer working and the backups could not even be created manually. In some cases, the operation encountered an error with the following message:

"We can not copy files to Fillet History Drive. Failed to start backing up user data (Error 80070005) “,

Some users then reported that Microsoft fixed the problem - but did not admit it ever existed.

The Fillet History seems to have been fixed (read the latest comments on the Microsoft page) to Windows 10 April 2021 Update, which means that the backup tool is now running again on Build 19041.928, 19042.928 or later.

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