Windows 10 support for deleted files

Microsoft announced the upgrade of Windows 10 along with the new Surface on 2 October. A few days later, there were file deletion reports by upgrading the operating system.

Yes, Microsoft's new update for unknown reasons is currently deleting personal data from the Documents folder or the Greek Documents.Windows 10

So the company decided to get the update back, with Dona Sarkar stating that in the event of a deletion call support, and bringing your computer to a "good stage."

How true is the answer above and why Mrs Sarkar uses the tag at the beginning of the tweet #WindowsInsiders, since the information was officially released for all?

Let's hope you did not have to suffer the nightmare. If you are lucky, make sure you do not download the ISO of the installation. Generally, before upgrading any new version of Windows 10, you should back up your files.

If you are among the unlucky:

As for Microsoft's Sarkar tips published by the above tweet, the company's support line simply asks users to use System Restore to return their functionality to an earlier point.

In some cases, Microsoft technicians are running a remote connection and an NTFS file recovery, with a third party program. So to save the hassle you can try the above "techniques" yourself, without being directed from the phone.

The latest failure of Microsoft came to remind us of what we have been supporting for a long time at All "free" versions of the operating system are aimed at testers. If you want a stable version you should seriously consider installing Windows 10 Enterprise which of course costs…

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