Windows 10 October 2018 issues in the filesystem & after the update

Things don't seem to be going so well with the ongoing development of Windows 10 October 2018 update (1809 version).

Let's remind you that Microsoft was forced to withdraw this version a few days after its release due to a data loss problem that affected some devices. This topic was not very widespread (it affected 1 on 10000 users) but it was serious enough to stop the release of the update. Windows 10

Finally, as we mentioned, Microsoft has released an Insiders update, avoiding making it available to everyone through Windows Update.

But the new version probably came up with new problems in the operating system's file system. A user at Reddit Reported that Windows 10 in the 1809 version no longer displays alerts when files are moved.

Previous versions of Windows 10 show the user notifications when transferring files. These notifications are prompts for some action, such as replacing the original file with the new copy or skipping it. Windows 10 in 1809 does not display such alerts and automatically replaces files!

A another publication in Ask Woody, reports that the same function is reportedly failing because it does not replace files and does not show any encouragement for it. prompts users for this.

A third publication again on Reddit reports that the transfer functions from compressed folders to others do not work. The copy "appears" but when the user tries to see the files in the destination folder, the files simply do not exist.

Wait to upgrade and ask when? Patience .. We can not give a reliable answer with an unreliable company.

First, we need to see if Microsoft manages to fully correct the Windows 10 October 2018 update and right after the release of the final version, it's a good idea to wait again before you install the operating system on a system that you work on a daily basis.

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