Windows 10: Compensation for Computer Crash

Windows 10 and upgrades like this: A Finn manages to convince Consumer Council of Finland that Microsoft is responsible for the damage caused to its computer after installing Windows 10 without its permission.

The national broadcaster YLE says the council has recommended Microsoft to pay 1.100 euros as compensation for damages caused by the unauthorized installation of Windows 10 in March of 2016.

Windows 10
Image: DevianArt

For those who remember at the time, Microsoft was very aggressively promoting Windows 10 as a free upgrade from earlier company operations (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1).

The event angered the users of the company around the world, and 2016 Microsoft paid 10.000 as a claimant a dollar for the same problem. The unexpected upgrades were also the basis of a collective action filed with 2017.

The Finn who started the matter and was detected from MSPowerUser, asked Microsoft's board to pay EUR 3.000 for the difficulties it faced after the unwanted upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 began to install unexpectedly and without his permission on the complainant's new laptop running Windows 8. The Finn reported that after the update, the computer received an error message "the device needs to be repaired."

He claimed to have contacted 15 people from Microsoft Support but the problems could not be resolved. The passionate told YLE that he lost time and money to recover his records but also to buy spare parts. The upgrade is reportedly also spoiled by a surveillance camera it used to monitor its property.

Microsoft has not denied that Windows 10 was able to be installed without the user's permission, and it also did not dispute the damage caused by the upgrade.

The Consumer Committee considers that Windows updates are covered by Finland's Consumer Protection Act, which requires the provider to demonstrate that the service has been properly executed.

Of course, the decision could lead to group complaints by Finns who suffered damage as a result of the unwanted upgrading.


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