Windows 10 why not run the latest version

Did you know that Microsoft is trying to get everyone to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10?

A recent report shows that the latest version of Windows 10, 20H2, has only adopted 29.95 of the market share, while a much older version, Windows 10 2004, is still at 42,1%.

It is clear that users are not upgrading their systems to the latest version of Windows 10. Let's take a look at why they are afraid of upgrading to Windows 10.

They do not see the benefits of an upgrade

The AdDuplex report for March 2021 confirms that many people do not see the reason for the upgrade.

It is common sense that if something works well, we do not mind and do not change it. Take the example of smartphones. As smartphones get better and better, manufacturers are struggling to show consumers why they should leave their old phones for new ones. But consumers (except for a few) see no reason to buy a new phone every year.

The same goes for Windows 10. Aside from security enhancements and bug fixes, older versions of Windows 10 work just fine. Thus, many users do not see any advantage in updating their operating system to the latest version.

And the situation will remain the same, unless Microsoft finds a way to demonstrate the benefits of an upgrade.

Buggy releases

Windows 10 updates are always a dangerous sport. Random errors up to Blue Screen of Death, every time you update Windows 10. So it 's no surprise that many users do not want to have anything to do with Windows 10 updates.

Therefore, if Microsoft wants its users to use the latest versions of Windows, the updates must be consistent and error-free. If someone knows or assumes that an update will not let them work with their computer it is natural not to install it.

Many Windows updates

Ask any Windows user and they will tell you that Windows is updated very often. Minor bug fixes, driver updates, security updates, and major operating system updates contribute to these problems. Simply put, users do not want to constantly update their operating system.

Since the release of the operating system in 2015, Microsoft seems to have lost it. There are many who do not even know the version of Windows 10 that works. This is not surprising, as updates come and go.

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