Windows 10 change version to Intel display driver

Yesterday we mentioned that Microsoft has stopped making Windows 10 October Update available on devices using Intel graphics cards.

Below we will show you how to check if the Intel screen drivers you are using do not allow you to upgrade to Windows 10 1809.Windows 10

Intel drivers that exclude Windows 10 1809 is in the versions:


To see which version of the display driver your computer has you need to open the device manager. From the Control Panel - Hardware and Sound select Device manager in Devices and Printers, search directly for the term Device manager from the Windows search.

In the Device Manager, open the Display Adapter and select the Intel graphics card. Double-click to open the properties. On the Driver tab, check the driver version.

If you use one of the above versions, Microsoft blocks updates. So you will need to install an older version to upgrade Windows.
To download the driver version you are using, you should visit the Intel page and find an older display driver.

If you can't find it on the Intel website, visit your computer manufacturer's page and download the drivers from there. The driver will obviously be in an older version and when you try to install it, some notification will tell you that there is a newer version.

We are well on our way, but you must first remove the old driver from Device Manager. You can then manually install the downloaded driver.

Of course all of the above should only be done if you absolutely need to upgrade to Windows 10. The wisest course would be to wait until the companies fix the issue.
But if nothing stops you and you are thinking of a clean install of the new version of Windows 10, you can download the updated media creation tool.


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