Download Windows 10 ISO without the Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 ISO: To perform a clean install of Windows 10 or to upgrade your system, you can use the ISO file that Microsoft has on its official website.
Today I had to do a clean install, on a system that had been corrupted by the latest update. Windows ISO 10

The computer turned on, but used too many resources, causing the system to crash. So I first tried to download the ISO and create a bootable USB with the Media Creation Tool.
Everything went fine until the tool tried to confirm the ISO it downloaded. The system used more CPU and of course it crashed once again.

So I thought of downloading the ISO from the browser I use, so that I can pass it to USB without the confirmation made by the Media Creation Tool before saving the file. But Microsoft has blocked the direct download of ISOs and only allows it through the Media Creation Tool.

Let's see how I was able to download Windows 10 ISO.

Change User Agent in Google Chrome

Open the download page of Windows 10 in Chrome.
Open the dev tools by pressing together the three keys Ctrl + Shift + I
Click the Menu with the three dots on the top right, and in More Tools, select Network Conditions.

Untick Select Automatically in the User Agent box.
Select Safari - iPad iOS 9.

Immediately afterwards refresh the page and you will see that there are options for downloading the ISO you are interested in.

Select the file you want and proceed until the download starts. If the page that opens shows an error and does not allow you to download the file, copy the link and paste it (before it expires) into another browser (Firefox, Edge or change User Agent again in Google Chrome).

The file will be downloaded to your computer without any problems.

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