Windows 10: What to do in January

Microsoft will be very busy in January as it prepares to organize a special event for Windows 10 and then a new trial version will be released through Windows Insider.Windows 10

On January 21, the scheduled event will answer many queries and provide us with more information about the lineup features of Windows Phone 10 and the next build of Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Windows Insider CEO Gabriel Aul confirmed in a tweet that the release of the new build is scheduled for this month, and that it will bring "several fixes."

The next version of Windows 10 will be available to members of the Windows Insider program currently running 9879, Microsoft warned.

Build 9879 is the latest official release from Microsoft, but in addition to this version, two more versions have leaked online and of course have been installed by many.

Leaked builds of 9888 and 9901 have brought some improvements but are still unstable versions and are not supported by Microsoft's upgrades program.

The January 21 event will focus primarily on consumer experiences in Windows 10, and Microsoft is expected to present several new features, such as Continuum, which will allow users to change from desktop to Modern UI in one second, without to interrupt their work.

The Microsoft event will be broadcast online, so we can watch it freely. Microsoft's promotion for its new product is probably considered extremely necessary, especially after the "defeat" of the company by the release of Windows 8.

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