Windows 10 the best security suite

Choosing the best security suite for Windows 10 is not an easy task as the company claims to offer the best protection available.

AV-TEST experts conducted a new study of a total of 22 Windows 10 security applications in July and August, trying to help us determine which product is best to install on our devices.

All safety suites were rated for protection, performance and usability, with a maximum score of 6 points per test. Thus each product could achieve a maximum score of 18 points.

The results are amazing as out of the 22 products tested, only 6 of them failed to receive AV-TEST certification.

At least 8 safety suites received the maximum score of 18 points after earning 6 points for protection, performance and usability:

The other products that did not receive AV-TEST certification scored a total of 17,5 points, which was very close to the top performance.

For the products that disappointed in this new research, we will list the three worst scores.

First of all, it is Malwarebytes Premium, which had only 5,5 points for protection, 4,5 in performance and 4,5 in usability. So the Malwarebytes product gained a total of 14,5 points.

At the same time the PC Matic suite had only 3 points for protection, 6 for performance and 4,5 for usability. Final score at 13,5 points.
Last application in the charts this time is Smart Antivirus from a company called Cylance. This safety product received only 12 points in tests with 2,5 points for protection.

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