Windows 10 What does the new archiving feature do?

Microsoft is preparing to bring a new feature to Windows 10 that aims to save storage space on the device.

More specifically, with some future update, the operating system will be able to archive the applications you have installed on your device but no longer use them.

So if you have dozens of applications installed on Windows 10 (which unfortunately many do), the next feature will determine which ones you do not use very often and then automatically archive them to save storage space.

What if you try to start an application that has been archived?

Windows 10 will connect to the Internet and download the application, with the files and settings saved from the previous installation. From a technical point of view, it will take some time to load the application, but when it is ready, everything will be exactly as you left it.

"To save storage space and bandwidth on the Internet, applications that you do not use often will be archived automatically. Your files and other data will be saved. "The next time you use an archived application, Windows 10 will connect to the Internet to restore the full version (if it is still available)," said Microsoft.

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The question is what will happen if the application is no longer available.

At the moment, this is an experimental feature that has been enabled for some users in the latest preview version of Windows 10, and we do not know if Microsoft will release this feature for everyone.

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