Windows 10 KB4023057 caution forces upgrades

Windows 10 users who are running older versions of the operating system and want to stay on a specific version of Windows 10 should avoid installing the update KB4023057, released again.

The update is available in all versions of Windows 10 released by Microsoft from version 1507 to 1909 which is the penultimate release.

Update KB4023057 is regularly reissued by Microsoft, which states that it "includes reliability enhancements to Windows 10 update service processes" and that it includes files and resources that fix issues that affect Windows 10 update processes that may prevent significant installations. updates ”.

While this may sound good and can be very useful for users who want to upgrade, and cannot, it is a big problem for users who do not want to upgrade their systems.

The update will change the system settings so that it can install automatic updates. In other words, if you set Windows 10 to block automatic updates, KB4023057 will undo the changes and end up with the latest version of Windows 10.

The update description states somewhat vaguely:

This update may attempt to restore network settings if problems are detected and will clear registry keys that may prevent the updates from being successfully installed.

Windows 10 administrators who do not want to upgrade their devices should avoid installing KB4023057. This can be done in many ways, such as by hiding the update using Wushowhide.diagcab, which can downloaded by Microsoft itself.
Of course there are also update blocking programs like Windows Update Blocker.

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