Windows 10 KB5005033 causes problems

The default Alt-Tab function of Windows 10 does not seem to work for some users after the release of two updates via Patch Tuesday (July and August 2021).

The update KB5005033 stops the Alt-Tab shortcut running smoothly in Windows 10. Using the Alt + Tab shortcut is key as pressing the Alt-Tab key together and then continuing to press the Tab key will start moving to your open windows. When you release the key, the window you are in opens.

Windows 10 bug

After the Patch Tuesday August 2021 and the July 2021 update preview, some users noticed problems when using Alt-Tab to switch between apps and games. Windows will start flashing the desktop.

Users had reported the same problems with Alt-Tab after installing Cumulative Update last month.

But apparently there is a solution. To fix issues with using Alt-Tab on KB5005033, you need to turn off News and Interest Stream by following these steps:

  • Right-click anywhere on the taskbar.
  • In the item "News and interests" (News and interests).
  • Select "Disable".

The news graphic should leave your taskbar and Alt-Tab will start working again.

You can also remove the cumulative update that is causing the problems.

  • From the Update and Security option, click View Update History.
  • You will see Uninstall updates. Click and it will take you to the Control Panel, from where you should select the update KB5005033.
  • Click uninstall.

When you're done, turn off updates for a few weeks or until the next optional update, which is expected to be released later this month.

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