Windows 10 find the model number of the screen

Windows 10 monitor: Yes there are a bunch of hardware accessories. Manufacturers use a generic name to identify them, but also model number to specify specifications.
The generic name is the name of the company, and is usually easy to remember, but the model number is very complicated to remember.

Windows 10

Laptops usually have stickers for hardware recognition, or in some cases manufacturers have an application that if installed on your system will help you recognize the component you built.

Below we will show you how to find information about your computer screen in Windows 10.

Finding the brand of a screen many times does not require the use of your operating system. The manufacturer's name is usually on the screen, or when you turn on your screen, it may display the manufacturer's logo for a few seconds.

However, the model number is not displayed. Let's see where it is.

First connect the monitor you are interested in to the system. Make sure the system "sees" the screen you connected.

Open the Settings app in the system settings group. Select the "Appearance" tab and look for the "Advanced Appearance Settings" option.
Click and on the screen that will appear, open the Display Select drop-down list.

Select the secondary screen / external screen from the list. The screen will appear with the brand and model number. The image below shows the brand and model number of the screen.

There is a selection of properties of the video adapter in this window and if you click on it, the window that will open has an exclusive Monitor tab.

The screen tab allows you to manage some settings on your screen, but the screen or brand information is inaccurate.


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