Windows 10 October 2018 fix the sound

Problems do not seem to be over after you install Windows 10 October 2018 Update. The update is said to leave some users with no audio. Due to a problem with the driver, the operating system cannot play sound. Below we will look at how you can fix the problem.Windows 10 October 2018

Those who report this problem write that Windows 10 is unable to detect the audio output device. The system tray icon shows "No output device". The problem is with those who use Intel High Definition Audio as the audio device on their computer

Here are two ways to fix the same problem.

Reinstall the driver

At the same time, press the Win + X keys on your keyboard and click Device Manager.
Under System Devices, find the device called Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST).
Right-click the device and select Update driver from the menu.
Select "Choose from a list of available drivers on my computer".
Select High Definition Audio from the list and click Next.

That's it.

Remove the wrong version of the Intel driver

Open a command window as Administrator (in Windows search type cmd. On the icon to display, right-click and open as administrator).
Type the following command:

pnputil / enum-drivers

In the results that will appear, try to find the Published Name:
Published Name: oem <some number> .inf
Original Name: intcaudiobus.inf
Provider Name: Intel (R) Corporation
Class Name: System

Run command:

pnputil / delete-driver oem <snumber> .inf / uninstall

Replace the <a number> .inf section with the value listed on your system

The sound problem affects only some systems and users. Install the latest version of the audio driver available from its vendor. At present, neither Microsoft nor Intel provides any official fix for this problem.


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