Windows 10 October Update Microsoft has retired the update

Do you think that the story with the problems of Windows 10 in version 1809 is over? Microsoft has identified a serious issue with operating system updates and (again) has stopped updating on some systems.

The Redmond-based company says it is blocking updates on some computers because of drivers released by Intel.Windows 10

"Intel mistakenly released screen driver versions (versions, to OEMs that accidentally enable unsupported functions in Windows." he says The company.

The original version of Windows 10, version 1809, released in early October, had a problem with Intel audio drivers, but Microsoft says this is a different bug caused by other drivers.

"After updating to Windows 10, version 1809, playing audio from a screen or TV connected to a computer via HDMI, USB-C or DisplayPort may not work properly on devices with these drivers," the company said.

Microsoft, of course, states that it is already working with Intel to resolve the error:

"Microsoft is working with Intel to fix these screen drivers, and will release an update in an upcoming release."

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