How much will the Windows 10 OEMs cost?

After the rumors that flood the internet daily about the features of the builds of the of Microsoft, it seems that for the first time we also have a report on the pricing of the new operating system.

The leak came from a "hurried" online retailer that has posted on of, the prices for OEM copies of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro and the presents them to you: windows 10 at

The online shop even accepts pre-orders and reports 31 August 2015 as the release date.

Assuming the dates listed by the Newegg website are accurate, the rumor that Microsoft's new operating system wants RTM to be released in late July shows that the company is putting a lot of pressure on the development team.

In previous versions of Windows, the space needed to release Release to manufacturing or RTM to the availability of OEMs was around three months.

What's different this time around, and perhaps what allows for a faster development speed, is opening up OS testing to the public, via the preof Windows .

The gives the company thousands of comments every day from users testing Windows.

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