Windows 10: OEM, Retail or Volume What do you have?

Below we will show you how to check the type of Windows 10 license that is installed on your system. Windows 10, can be installed with OEM, Retail or Volume licenses.

Windows 10

Windows 10 OEM License:

If you purchased your new system with Windows 10 preinstalled, it usually has an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license. The advantage of this license is that it provides a warranty from the manufacturer for Windows to be genuine.

If you experience a problem with your OEM license, you can request immediate support from the manufacturer, who is required to help. This means that with the OEM license you are in safe hands.

It should also be mentioned that an OEM license is generally associated with the motherboard and therefore can not be transferred to other computers.

Window 10 Retail license:

Retail licenses are also known as FPPs from the Full Packaged Product. Retail licenses are fully licensed and upgraded. The full license can be used directly to activate the installed Windows 10.

However, the upgrade license can only be used on computers that have already enabled Windows 10 and only in the same version. For example, upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Pro requires the purchase of a new upgrade license.

Retail licenses can be transferred multiple times between different devices running Windows 10.

Window 10 Volume License:

These licenses are typically for small and large businesses, where hundreds or thousands of copies of Windows 10 are required to be activated through a genuine license. These licenses are purchased through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program and can be activated using different methods.

Η official page Microsoft has a great guide to learning about Volume Licenses. These permissions may need to be reactivated after a specified interval. Because if we do not see we see messages of the type:

Some users who experience illegal ways to enable Window 10 typically use Volume licenses.

How to check the type of license you have in Window 10:

1. Press the two keys together W8K + X and select Command Prompt (Admin) to open the command line as an administrator.

2. Type slmgr / dlv and press the Enter key.


Windows 10

3. In the window that appeared look for the Product Key Channel:

If it says OEM, then you have an OEM license.

If it says Retail, you have Windows installed with a retail license.

If it reports VOLUME, GVLK, then you have installed Windows with VOLUME license. GVLK comes from the Generic Volume License Key.

That's it.


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