Windows 10 Disable Face Recognition in Images

Windows 10: Face detection technology is used to locate people in photos. It is currently used by Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

The Windows 10 Photos app can find all the photos of a particular person. If you think the event is a little too invasive, you can turn off face detection and recognition.Windows 10

The Photos or Photos app still does not allow you to associate a name with a person. So if you want to search for photos of a particular person, you should look at the People tab. You can not type your name in the search bar and find the photos.

It can be a little less invasive than Facebook and Apple, but you may still want to disable Face Detection and Identification.

Open the Photos app and click the More button on the top right of your profile picture. Select Settings from the menu that opens.

On the app settings screen, scroll down to the View and Edit section. Look for the People switch and turn it off to turn it off detection and identification of persons.

The change will be applied immediately.

Windows seems to be the only platform that allows its users to enable and disable Face Detection. Apple and Facebook do not allow the function to be turned on or off.

Any photos you store on your Mac or iPhone or uploaded to Facebook, company algorithms scan faces.

Facebook intends to use this data for the safety of its users. For example, if someone uses your photo, Facebook will automatically notify you, and of course you can report the photo or profile.

This feature is obviously one of the good uses of the feature. But if you think about how much data Facebook has from a single person, the unhindered use of the function is quite annoying.

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