Windows 10 create PIN with more characters

Windows 10 has several authentication methods, but it also allows you to use a PIN to easily connect to your operating system.

The PIN code is very useful and easy to use, but the fact that it uses only 4 digits does not make it very secure.
Below we will see how you can create a PIN with more characters.
Windows 10

This method works on systems running Windows 10 Pro that have the Group Policy Editor (Group Policy Editor) that you can run by searching gpedit.msc in the search or by typing gpedit.msc in the RUN window that will open if you press the two Win + R keys together.

In Group Policy Editor, follow the path:

Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - PIN Complexity

The two policies we will use are located on the right side of your screen and are called:

Maximum PIN length
Minimum PIN length

You can change any of them by double-clicking on it. Give a new length for the minimum or maximum value. You can choose any number from 4 to 127.

Open the policy, click Enabled, and then in the Options box, set the length you want to use. Click OK and you're done.

Those of you who do not have Windows 10 Pro can use the Registry Editor. Start the application by searching for regedit.exe in the Windows search, or by typing it directly into the RUN window that will open if you press the two Win + R keys together.

Follow the route:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SOFTWARE - Policies - Microsoft - PassportForWork - PINComplexity

On the right side of the screen, there are two registry items that allow you to change the minimum and maximum length of the PIN.


Double-click on either of these two policies, select Decimal, and then enter any value from 4 to 127, just as above.


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