Windows 10: Because you like ads, they come more

Microsoft has just announced that it will release a new type of ad in Windows 10, while trying to gild the pill…

Those who are already using Windows 10 will probably be accustomed to seeing ads on an operating system, the Start menu, or the File Explorer. Microsoft of course does not name ads, ads and playing with words and us…. serves them to us as "suggestions." Windows 10

Something similar happened this time as Microsoft has app developers with a new type of ad that says it will offer a better user experience.

It calls them Playable ads and you've probably seen something like that already on rival platforms like Android and iOS.

This new ad format is available in limited numbers at the moment, but Microsoft is no doubt looking to make it available to all developers who wish to include it in their them, which are published in the Windows Store.

Microsoft states:

“Playable ads are a whole new way for end users to interact with ads and apps. With these ads, end users will not never the current one . Το κλικ στη διαφήμιση θα οδηγήσει σε μια inline επεκτάσιμη εφαρμογή streaming: για τρία λεπτά, ο can interact with the app as if it were already installed on their device.”

Unfortunately, compared to the other ads you see on this operating system, those that are being played can not be blocked because they are app-level and the decision to show them or not is only the developer of each application. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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