Windows 10: Correct Setup failed to validate product key

Problems with the Windows 10 Setup Key? Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates from January on 2020 which means that the operating system will be vulnerable to any new vulnerabilities in circulation.

So for many users, although they do not want to upgrade to Windows 10, they probably won't avoid it because it will become mandatory at some point.

In a previous release, we have mentioned that you can still update for free in Windows 10 as long as you have one legal installation key from an earlier operating company (Windows 7 or Windows 8).

So if you are interested in a free upgrade, read:

Windows 10 Free upgrade from Windows 7

Usually, in the above way, there is no problem, and everything is progressing smoothly. However, there are some (rare) reports that indicate that the key does not activate Windows 10.

Below we will see what you can install in a Windows 10 upgrade or repair that shows the error: "The installer has failed to validate the product key" or in English "Setup has failed to validate the product key"

The problem occurs during installation for some version upgrade or upgrading to a repair, after the “We're getting things ready for you” screen.

Then the disputed message appears:

Windows 10

If you see the above screen during installation, you can not do anything except a clean installation.

But before proceeding try the following:

Be sure to install the latest Windows updates
Run the Windows Disk Cleanup utility to delete the temporary files on your computer and try reinstalling
Try installing the latest version of Windows 10 through Windows Update
If your system is part of a domain, temporarily remove it and proceed with the upgrade
Temporarily remove any third-party security software from your computer

If you continue to experience the problem, try the following solution, which works in this case.

1. Extract the ISO 10 installation ISO using any decompression software such as 7-zip, or use UltraISO to view all files without extract.

2. Open the Notepad or the Notepad NotePad ++ which we propose.

3. Copy and paste the following into a new file:

[EditionID] [Channel] Retail [VL] 0

4. Now save the file named "ei.cfg". Select "Save As" in "All Files". Add the file to the sources folder inside the ISO.

Now for the upgrade you can run setup.exe directly to start the installation wizard. With UltraISO, you can create a bootable ISO (do not forget to add ei.cfg to the sources folder) for use on USB for a clean installation. This time the error will not appear.


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