Windows 10 add Control Panel to File Explorer

Accessing the Windows 10 Control Panel from File Explorer is possible with a registry hack. Below we will see in detail how you can do it.

In an effort to make Windows 10 more user-friendly, Microsoft has decided to move many of the settings to the new Settings panel, slowly hiding the older Windows Control Panel. Although the Settings work perfectly, there are times when one wants to access the Control Panel.

There is a lot it can use to make the Windows 10 Control Panel easily accessible. Perhaps one of the most useful is to add access to Control Panel to the list of available disks and services in Windows 10 File Explorer. This requires a subtle modification of the Windows registry and a class ID (CLSID).

To add the Control Panel to File Explorer, we need to edit the Windows 10 registry file. Type "regedit" in the search box on the Windows 10 desktop and select the appropriate result.

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When the gadget opens, follow the path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MyComputer

We need to create a new key in the NameSpace folder. Right-click the NameSpace folder, select New, and then Key from the context menu, as shown in the illustration.

You will now need to enter one of the following CLSID codes in the key you just created.


The first CLSID code will display the Control Panel as categories as shown below:


The second CLSID code will display the large Windows 10 Control Panel icons, as shown below:


The choice of Control Pane view that you want to add is entirely up to you.

Enter the CLSID code, then exit regedit.

Open Windows 10 File Explorer in the folder This computer and you will have direct access to the Control Panel located in the Devices and Drives section, as shown below.

Because access to Control Panel is part of File Explorer, you can right-click Control Panel and pin the link to the Quick Access list, as shown below

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You can also pin the Control Panel to the Start menu if you wish.

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  1. I think the easiest way is this:
    In finding windows (magnifying glass we write contol and open as administrator. If we want we can choose pin to start menu for greater convenience.

  2. For anyone who does not want to bother with registry keys:

    1) Open file exploration
    2) in the window that opens, press the button with the up arrow, next to the address bar.
    3) Voilà. In the window we have the control panel

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