Remove a folder from the Windows 10 library

With Windows 7, Microsoft has introduced Libraries, a great Explorer feature that lets you group multiple folders into a single view, even if they are on different volumes or disks.


Searching through libraries is also very fast, because Windows indexes all the locations in a library. Today we will see how to remove a folder contained in a Windows 10 library

By default, Windows 10 comes with the following libraries:

  • Camera album
  • Saved images
  • Videos:
  • Έγγραφα
  • Pictures
  • Music

Note: If the "Libraries" folder is not visible in "File Explorer", see the article: Enable libraries in Windows 10 Explorer

Windows 10 allows you to add up to 50 locations in a library. You can add a local drive, an external USB drive, an SD card (starting with Windows 8.1), or a network location to a library. Also, you cannot add a DVD drive. These are design limitations.

Removing a folder from a library does not delete files and subfolders. Its contents will remain unchanged, but will no longer appear in the library.

To remove a folder from a library in Windows 10, do the following.

1. Navigate to the Libraries folder with File Explorer. Tip: Even if you do not have Libraries in the navigation pane on the left, you can simultaneously press Win + R and type shell: Libraries in the Execute box. Learn more about shell commands from here.

2. Right-click on a library and select "Properties" in the context menu.
3. In Properties, select the folder you want to remove from the list.

4. Click the "Remove" button. The folder is now excluded from the library.

Alternatively, you can use the Library Manager dialog box
1. Select the desired library in the Libraries folder.
2. On the taskbar, go to the "Administration" tab and the "Library Tools" menu will appear below it.
3. Click the "Manage Library" button on the left.
4. In the next dialog box, remove the desired folders using the buttons next to the folder list.

In addition to all the above, if you want to add a folder to the windows 10 libraries read the article: Include a folder in Windows 10 libraries

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