Windows 10 updates: stops arbitrary reboots

Since the release of Windows 10 three years ago, Microsoft has been releasing operating system updates that require their computers to restart, or restart without the owner's approval. Windows 10

This behavior has at times caused a lot of problems for Windows users who are currently working with their computer. But apparently the company has found a solution for this, and is going to make it available very soon.

A new feature that is currently available in the new Windows 10 Building Insider Preview Build 17723 (RS5) uses machine learning to predict at the appropriate time a restart after an update.
Microsoft said in a blog post that it "will not only check if you use your device before restarting, but will try to predict if you left the device to put in a cup of coffee and come back later."

It looks like an ideal function in the description, but it would be good to wait until we see it in practice.

Of course, the company does not explain why Microsoft insists on rebooting itself and does not wait for the user to do it himself. But maybe there are answers, especially if you are like me who restarts the main system I use once a month at best.

If you participate in the Windows Insider program you can immediately try the above feature by upgrading your system. Everyone else will have to wait until the official release of the next major Windows 10 update.

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