Windows 10: Faster systems with an asterisk

Windows 10 Coming Faster: Your computer has become slower since Microsoft fixed the defects for Specter in January at 2018. Computers built before 2015 slowed down even more.

According to the company, the next Windows 10 update will stop these problems, making your computer faster.Windows 10

The fix mentioned by Microsoft will be seen in the Windows 10 update known under the code name 19H1. This version is under development and tested by Insiders. So those who want can install an early, unstable (*) version of Windows 10 directly. Microsoft will officially release it around April 2019.

The information comes through Microsoft's Mehmet Iyigun, who works in the Windows kernel group.

The technician explained to Twitter that Microsoft has now enabled "retpoline" and "import optimization" in the new builds of Windows 10. Together, these two features will make Windows 10 faster.

We're not sure about the import optimization mentioned by Microsoft, but retpoline has been used on some Linux systems since January 2018. Retpoline was developed by Google and is a faster way to block Specter-targeted attacks with "negligible performance effects" ”According to Google. You can see more technical details about Retpoline at Google's website.

It is worth mentioning that security researcher Alex Ionescu he found that speed actually improved in its test system.

We should also mention a game that we observe happening once again from Microsoft. The company looking to complete the goal of 2015 "Windows 10 in a billion devices" promotes new features of the operating system through the main testing platform.

Essentially Windows Insider like test program has failed and we have too many examples of this. But this is not true if you think the same program as a marketing department of the company.

So the above release gives another reason for upgrading older systems to Windows 10, as Windows 7 (or 8) systems will not be fixed with the solution announced by Mehmet Iyigun.


(*) no matter how much I try not to be ridiculous I can not but add that no one can be sure anymore with the "stability" of the versions of the operating system.

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