Windows 10 with settings for screen refresh rate

Microsoft continues to transfer all Windows 10 Control Panel options to the modern Settings screen.

Microsoft seems to have taken the issue hotter and lately we've seen some additions to Windows 10 Settings from the old control panel application. So we saw a new one disk management tool in August and then the redirection of the application of the control panel "Program and possibilities" to the modern small application "Applications and possibilities" in September.

Windows 10 could always adjust the refresh rate of your screen, but this could be adjusted through the properties of the screen adapter rather than the Settings.

With the release of the preview version of Windows 10 20236, Microsoft has added a new section to the settings. It's called "Advanced Screen Settings" and lets you directly change your Screen Refresh Rate.

Using this setting, Windows 10 users can customize their screens to use a higher refresh rate. A higher refresh rate reduces screen flicker and makes the eyes lighter.

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It 's another indication of Microsoft' s desire to integrate all Windows 10 settings into one place. Let's see when it will end.

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