Create a script to shut down Windows 10

Can you shut down Windows 10 more easily? From Windows Vista onwards, Microsoft changed the way Windows shuts down. They made the classic Windows Shutdown feature less noticeable by applying a drop-down menu with the shutdown button in the Start menu.gear tools Windows 10

Although Windows 10 comes in many ways to shut down your computer, the classic termination dialog is accessible only with the help of a hotkey.

Today, we will share with us how to create a shortcut to shutdown Windows 10.

All you need is Notepad or Notepad. Open the app, copy and paste the following text:

 dim objShell set objShell = CreateObject ("shell.application") objshell.ShutdownWindows set objShell = nothing

Now select from Notepad menu File - Save as and type the name of the file. The important thing is to add the extension ".vbs" to the end instead of the regular .txt.

Advice: You can add the file name and extension inside the quotation marks so that the Notebook does not automatically add the ".txt" extension.

Adding the name you want in quotes will save it as .vbs and not as .vbs.txt. For example "iguru.vbs" and not "iguru.vbs.txt".
Now double-click on the file you saved and you will see the old good windows shutdown window.

How does it work:

It's not something special. Windows provides users with access to a wide list of objects required to run applications and manage the operating system.
One of these commands is the above. A Shell COM object that allows you to create the script.

If all of the above are Chinese, you can download the script from the link below.



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