Windows 10 will explain why there is a block in an update

Microsoft is reportedly working closely with hardware vendors to improve the experience of each upgrade. The company will use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to identify potential problem areas before and after the updates are released.

Another important step that Microsoft will take in the near future is that it will begin to better explain to end users what prevents their devices from getting the latest operating system.

Although the actual plans of the company have not been revealed, Mary Jo Foley reports the following to ZDNet:

Επίσης Microsoft is also working to do what many Windows users want: "Make blocking issues clearer and more customizable." Microsoft's goal is to provide Windows 10 users with much more specific information about why their computers are blocked from receiving a specific update and to provide them with a specific but actionable alert. None of my sources mention when this could happen unfortunately, but at least it is on the list.

Windows 10 is designed to run on many different hardware and the list of possible hardware combinations is really huge.

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Because of the above, Microsoft will need to do more troubleshooting before releasing any feature upgrades.

Perhaps with the release of new versions of the operating system less often, e.g. one version of Windows 10 per year, as previously rumored, the company will be able to manage the situation better.

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