Official ISO Windows 10 Threshold 2 was released

Microsoft released Windows 10 Threshold 2 earlier. If you are one of those who want to make a clean installation of the updated operating system, the company has just released ISO. Windows 10 Threshold 2

The new Windows 10 Threshold 2, or otherwise called November Update, is available in ISO format in 32-bit as well as in 64-bit.

Just select the version you need and download the file to your computer.

Be careful, these files are available for those who want a clean installation. The update is already released by Windows Update for everyone else.

Of course, you can upgrade your computer without losing your files from ISO, but if you do not know how to better not try it.

The first major update to Window 10 includes many improvements that are supposed to make Window 10 more stable and reliable.

Download ISO from the Microsoft page

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