Windows 10 now with voice typing

Voice dictation has been around for a while now in Windows, but a full experience is needed, especially since Microsoft wants to improve the way we use the operating system without a mouse and keyboard.

The latest preview version of Windows 10 released by Microsoft to Insiders contains an early version of this new voice typing feature.

"Voice typing in Windows is the new and improved version of voice dictation that allows you to type effortlessly through your voice where there is a text field on your computer. Sometimes using your voice is more comfortable and efficient than typing.

"With Windows voice typing, you can rest your hands and just say what you want to write." he says Microsoft.

How does it work; To start voice typing, just press the two Windows + H keys together or press the microphone button on the touch keyboard. The experience is very similar to that of a mobile phone.

Note that not all languages ​​are supported at this time, but we hope that the company will make the new feature available to more users in the coming months before the new operating system is released. The following languages ​​may use the voice typing function:

English (USA)
English (Australia)
English (India)
English (Canada)
English (United Kingdom)
French (France)
French (Canada)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Simplified Chinese
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spanish)

Voice typing can be controlled with voice commands, so for example, you can simply stop or abort the operation with a command such as "Stop voice typing". If you want to delete a section, you can say "Delete". Such commands are available in all supported languages.

The voice typing experience comes with automatic punctuation, so technically, you can keep talking and Windows 10 will understand when to add semicolons and periods. You can enable this feature from the settings screen.

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