Windows 10 October updates 6 week in October

Windows 10 October 2018: October of 2018 was definitely a month to be remembered by Microsoft. It was one of the worst months of patching in company history.

Windows 10

With a click on "Check for updatesDelete your documents and photos. Try installing the monthly patches of Windows 7 - if you find them - and you will see a 0x8000FFFF error because the updater is not smart enough to update itself.

Play a little with them drivers and you'll see a blue screen. Then we saw a bunch of bug fixes for various versions of Windows 10.

Here we have to ask why Microsoft created the Release Preview Ring in Windows Insider since it does not use it.

We are now happily in the "fifth week" of October (or the first week of November, depending on how you see it), and the company seems to be preparing for another big patch day aimed at Windows operating systems and applications. of Office.

He really does not think: "what will people say?"

Yesterday, for example, without announcing it, Microsoft suddenly started releasing the Monthly Rollup, KB4462923 of Windows 7, from the Microsoft Update Catalog instead of Windows Update. It seems that Microsoft has had difficulty releasing a patch shortly after it was released in Patch Tuesday. No, the update was never deleted from the Microsoft Update Catalog, but it was re-released 1 in November.

So it looks like a month does not make it to Microsoft to fix the bugs of its developers.

On October 18 and October 24, Microsoft released several small bug fixes, covering 1607, 1703, 1709, and 1803 versions of Windows 10. Did not you notice them?

The way Windows Update is currently running will probably not alert you to these small fixes unless you click Check for Updates or install it manually.

Tip: Before each update keep a good copy of your files. You may have forgotten it at some point, but Microsoft is here to remind us.


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