When to upgrade to Windows 10?

The day of official release of Windows 10 is approaching. Just two Wednesdays, the new operating system will begin to be distributed by Microsoft.upgrade windows 10

Those who will take it first, as already mentioned, are Windows Insiders, and later the company will continue to run the waves, as it is expected to have a lot of load on the distribution servers.

What changes this time and Microsoft chooses to distribute by wave?

Although they were released six years ago, Windows 7 still accounts for nearly two-thirds of all computers accessing the internet (about 61%), according to NetMarketShare latest data. Windows 8, which began to sell almost three years ago, has the 13% of the market.

Imagine, therefore, a share of the order of 74% worldwide, waiting to upgrade its system for free. Why this 74% is entitled to a free upgrade.

From Wednesday 29 July, therefore, Microsoft will begin offering Windows 10 first to five million Windows Insiders, and fairly since it helped control various versions of the operating system before it was released.

After that, Microsoft will offer Windows 10 to customers who have already kept a copy. This will happen in waves, gradually increasing in size, after July 29.

Microsoft expects one billion upgrades to Windows 10, hence the scalable approach. Devices that have the least compatibility issues (in terms of drivers and applications) are likely to have priority in the upcoming upgrade, according to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet.

What would be good to do?

Before you decide whether to upgrade to Windows 10 or not, the first thing to do is check if you can upgrade.

On devices with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update (with Windows Update enabled) the "Get the Windows 10" app should automatically appear as a Windows icon at the bottom right of the screen. If you can't see it, it could mean that your computer is out of date or that Windows Update is turned off - or that you are running a pirated copy of Windows.

If you want to have priority for the upgrade process, you will need to pre-download your download. If you regret it, you can still cancel the booking one day before the official release.

Should I upgrade or not?

If you're tracking new technology, you'll know that Windows 10 has already passed many tests, but as Microsoft says, there will be some bugs:

"Every day during the official release, we will listen, learn and update from the Windows 10 user experience," says Windows CEO Terry Myserson.

If you choose to install the new operating system, you might want to expect that there may be minor problems, which will of course be solved with the next updates.

If you do not want to get to know Cortana or the new Edge browser (Cortana is not yet in operation in Greece), then you might want to install them.

For businesses now, your IT administrator and CIO will tell you when they decide you can upgrade.

Please note that the delivery time will be different: Windows 10 Pro will be available in 29 July, along with Windows 10 Home, while versions of Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education from the Volume Licensing Service Center will be available first August.



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