Windows 10 version 1903: File Explorer with separate processes

April 2019 : Windows 10 operating system version 1903, also known as 19H1 or April 2019 Update, is expected to be released this month with significant improvements

One of of the upcoming release is about File Explorer, the default file manager that comes pre-installed in Windows 10.Windows 10

With the upcoming Window 10 of 1903, new File Explorer windows will start with a separate process, so if you work with multiple folders, you will have multiple processes from the same file manager that will run simultaneously.

Αυτό το tweak έχει ένα σημαντικό πλεονέκτημα: αν ένα από τα παράθυρα σταματήσει να ανταποκρίνεται, το κλείσιμό του δεν θα επηρεάσει τα άλλα παράθυρα του διαχειριστή αρχείων. Ο τρόπος μοιάζει με τον τρόπο που λειτουργούν οι καρτέλες του προγράμματος Google Chrome.

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It is known that Google's browser uses separate processes to protect other tabs when a site stops responding.

The specific θα πρέπει να ενεργοποιηθεί από τις Επιλογές φακέλων του File Explorer. Αφού ενεργοποιηθεί η επιλογή, οι διεργασίες της Εξερεύνησης αρχείων των Windows στο Task Manager θα επεκταθούν και θα βλέπετε μια νέα με το που ανοίγετε κάποιο νέο φάκελο.

To see if this feature will be RAM-friendly with Windows systems, let's say things by their name are needed around 2GB RAM only to function dignified.

Windows 10 version 1903 will be released in just a few weeks and it is believed that the RTM build has already been signed. However, Microsoft has not mentioned anything official about it yet release of the new version.

If you are now in a hurry, you can always try the new File Explorer feature in the most recent Window Previews 10 19H1 that are available for Insiders in Fast and Slow Ring.

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