How can you get Windows 10 with 5.69 Euros

It is well known that you can and will be able to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro using a product key from a previous version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 (Pro / Ultimate), which can save you 50 with 100 dollars at OEM upgrade charges if you purchase a new PC with Windows 10 Home preinstalled.

So if you have an older system like Windows Vista or Windows XP that is not included in the offer, all you have to do is buy a cheap Windows 7 license that still allows you to free upgrades to Windows 10.

We searched the market and found the following site.

In addition to the already inexpensive licenses for the immediate installation of Window 10 on your computer, it also offers incredible OEM and Retail license values ​​for older operating systems that have the right to upgrade to Window 10:

Windows 10

Some of the prices:

Microsoft Window 10 Home (OEM / Retail) € 7.90
Microsoft Window 10 Professional (OEM / Retail) € 6.40
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional (OEM / Retail) € 5.69
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (OEM / Retail) € 9.99

As you will see in addition to cheap Microsoft operating systems you will also find cheap licenses for other software (Kaspersky, new and old Office and others)

Before it can be seen that Microsoft continues to bid, through we reported that we do not believe Microsoft would stop free distribution of the Window 10 operating system.

Let's say we bought a license for Windows 7 Ultimate and it worked flawlessly. Immediately after installing and upgrading the system with the latest updates, we were able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro without any problems.

See the site with offers

This publication was updated:

To add Microsoft's decision to close the back door that allowed free upgrades to those who use assistive technologies, without any verification. So the company is now reporting on the upgrade page that "the upgrade offer expires on 31 December 2017."

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