Windows 10 X three things you need to know

Windows 10 X: Microsoft's new Surface event on 2 October wasn't just about hardware, but also software, as the company presented a new version of Windows 10, which is supposed to supply a whole new category of products.

It's called Windows 10 X, but before that Windows Lite had a code name. The new operating system was developed for dual-screen devices.
Windows 10 X

It will also be installed on Microsoft's dual-screen device called the Surface Neo, which the company says should release 2020 principles.

The same platform will power similar Microsoft partner devices. These include every company that works with Microsoft in the PC marketplace.

But what is the purpose of the Windowws 10 X in the end and what should consumers know? Below you will find the three most important things to know.

Although the new OS was announced on 2 October 2019, Windows 10 X we will see 2020. This sounds a bit weird as the technology runs and the excitement for these new products may drop by next year. Microsoft has had to make this decision because it wants to release the new operating system with its own PC.

In other words, Windows 10X will be released with the Surface Neo, Microsoft's upcoming dual-screen device that apparently isn't ready yet.

Windows 10 X is supposed to be a limited version of Windows 10. But because the lack of applications doesn't help with the adoption of a functionality (see Windows Phone), Microsoft will also support Win32 software.

Only Win32 applications will run on containers, according to the company.

Like Windows RT, Windows 10 X will only be available to OEMs to install it on their own devices. ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo are four of the companies that are interested in building devices running Windows 10 X.

Windows 10 X will not be available for download from Microsoft. In other words, WindowWs 10X is a completely different platform that you won't be able to use unless you buy a dual-screen device made by Microsoft or another affiliate.

Windows 10X features are not available yet, though we know that it will be based on Windows 10.

Microsoft is expected to provide more information on Windows 10X in the coming months, most likely at the Build conference for developers scheduled for 2020 this spring.

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