Windows 10X to stop development Windows 10X stops

To give priority to the development of Windows 10X, Microsoft may change the release rate of new Windows 10 function updates next year.

Microsoft did not announce any changes to the Windows 10X program, but Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet managed to talk to Microsoft executives who revealed to her a possible change in the company's plan.

Microsoft is reportedly refocusing its efforts on the operating system Windows 10 but in parallel with the upcoming Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is expected to have surprisingly fast updates to classic Desktop devices and container security protection for Windows 32 Win10 applications.

According to Foley, Microsoft's latest plan requires the 10X operating system to debut on single-screen devices designed primarily for business in the spring of 2021. And in the spring of 2022, Microsoft aims to develop 10X for additional devices in a and dual screen.

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Additionally, the original version of Windows 10X that follows the new design will not include the aforementioned support for Win32 applications in a container. Instead, the operating system will be limited to UWP / Store and Web apps. Microsoft has not given up on developing Win32 applications in a container for 10X, but they have been postponed until 2022.

Due to the change of plans, we can see the following release schedule

  • Windows 10 20H2, a small update, will come in the fall of 2020.
  • In the spring of 2021, instead of releasing one feature update of Windows 10 21H1, Microsoft will release its first version of the 10X operating system.
  • In the fall of 2021, Microsoft will release a feature update for regular Windows 10 SKUs. This will be the 21H2 update if Microsoft continues to use its current name format.
  • In the spring of 2022, Microsoft will release an update to Windows 10X that will work on both single-screen and dual-screen devices
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All of the above information has not yet been officially confirmed and comes from sources within the company with whom Mary Jo Foley remains in contact. Microsoft may deny or change any of the above.

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  1. Good Evening. Do we know if this platform will be a continuation (as an update) of the existing windows 10 or if it will be a new, different product?
    Because, if it is a continuation of 10, then all is well.

    But if it is a new product where it will be sold to the customer base with new costing data and hardware requirements, then the issue goes elsewhere, since the 10s have a 2-year (if I remember correctly) lifespan and support per version.

    Finally, if the second case I mention applies, we understand all the reasons why, now, someone buys chips from the kiosk and takes with them as a gift a 10-inch key…

    If a friend knows something about which policy to follow, let us know.

    • Windows 10 will probably remain free in the Home and Pro versions, Microsoft wants testers to give Windows to paying companies without any problems. Windows 10x is something else for dual screen devices (supposed).

      Of course do not tie the knot, Microsoft is her. Let me remind you that the goal of Windows 10 was to become a platform for all devices, so we can consider Windows 10x as an experiment that we do not know how it will develop.

  2. And once Microsoft's mother said that Windows 10 would be the last Windows
    What did he mean ???
    That, whatever new makes us buy will be called Windows10 and let it be something different ???

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