Windows 11 52% more Blue Screen of Death

Microsoft continues marketing through the distribution of information with the dropper. Of course we are talking about the supported hardware that the company requires for its new operating system, Windows 11.

According to Microsoft, installing Windows 11 older processors than those of the 8th generation will have an increased chance of Blue Screen of Death. This move, however, leaves many devices without support, including many devices from Microsoft itself, such as the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro 5 and Surface Go.

In internal tests, Microsoft noticed an increase in Blue Screen of Death errors due to the use of old drivers on unsupported hardware.

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Officially supported processors follow the instructions given by Microsoft to OEM drivers, and use modern (DCH from Declarative Componentized Hardware supported apps) that offer better performance in Windows 11.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is currently experiencing the following issues on unsupported machines:

  • Unsupported devices have 52% more kernel crashes (Blue Screen of Death errors). On the other hand, compatible devices provide 99,8% trouble-free functionality.
  • On devices that are not supported, application crash is 17% more likely. For company applications, Microsoft noticed 43% more errors.

These statistics are based on telemetry data from Windows Insider systems, and Microsoft has confirmed that computers with older processors will not be officially supported.

As mentioned in previous posts, everyone will be able to install Windows 11 on unsupported computers through Windows Insider or the Windows Media Creation Tool.

However, if you ignore Microsoft Tips and run the upcoming operating system on an unsupported device, you may not receive quality updates through Windows Update. Microsoft executives said they could not guarantee that these devices would receive monthly updates, such as cumulative or optional updates.

In the future, Microsoft could completely block updates to unsupported computers. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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