Windows 11 SE is another locked operating system

Microsoft has tried again and again to develop Windows on systems that use other platforms, and especially on mobile devices. This mainly imposes restrictions not only on what users can do with them Windows, but also in what they can install.


This limited edition of Windows has gone through many names, from Windows RT to Windows 10 in S mode. A new Windows 11 SE may be Microsoft's next operating system on this idea and could be even more restrictive than previous versions.

A limited system Windows could be used by businesses and educators, and more generally in markets that would mass-purchase computers with Windows. Although normal Windows have features that allow administrators to control and restrict what users want to do, locked versions already have restrictions from the beginning. It should be noted, however, that so far, Microsoft's attempts at a system with restrictions have failed.

winver 810x298 c jpg

According to the XDA, the version Windows 10 Cloud Edition is likely to be released as Windows 11 SE. This "SE" could mean that it is a limited system. Unlike other such versions as Windows 10 S and the Windows 10 S Mode, this also seems to target Education and Education Pro versions. However, what it does Windows 11 SE is strange how its limitations differ from previous attempts by Microsoft.

In some ways, it seems even more restrictive, as many options are missing in the Settings app. It does not even give access to the Microsoft app store, although this could be a bug. Ironically, the Windows 11 SE seems to support the installation and execution of win32 applications other than those from the Microsoft Store, something that Microsoft did not allow in all other restricted versions of Windows.

At the moment we do not know exactly what it is Windows 11 SE and we will probably find out from Microsoft itself next week. Needless to say, if it has many limitations it will not attract many users.

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