Windows 11: Instant boot on Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will be integrated with the Windows 365 Cloud PC. What does this mean; Let's see in detail below:

win11 365

The connection will not be made with a simple remote session through an application or browser, but you will be able to boot a Windows 11 PC directly to a Windows 365 Cloud PC.

One of the big new features of Windows 11 that Microsoft announced for its corporate customers is the integration of Windows 365 Cloud PC in the operating system. Microsoft describes the her designs on the Windows blog as well as in this post.

Windows 365 is a service where everything is stored in the cloud instead of your local device. Microsoft advertises the Windows 365 Cloud PC as very "design safe", and is based on the Zero Trust principle.

Windows 365 thus creates a new hybrid category for PCs: The cloud PC means that the operating system is running in the cloud, using both the power of the cloud and the capabilities of the device. Windows 365 is based on the Azure Virtual Desktop, according to this Microsoft article, but it also uses a simplified virtualization technique.

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Microsoft will therefore fully integrate Windows 365 Cloud PC directly into Windows 11, whereas before the connection could be made after booting Windows 10/11 through an application or browser.

With Windows 365 Boot, a Windows 11 PC will be able to connect directly to the Windows 365 Cloud PC after boot, and the user can set this option as the main operating system.

In addition, the company plans to offer a feature it mentions as Windows 365 Switch. This will allow a user to switch directly between their computer running Windows 365 Cloud and their local desktop running Windows 11.

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