Windows 11 now requires a Microsoft account on a fresh install

Microsoft when you install Windows 11 removed the possibility of a local account and now requires you to register a Microsoft account. See how to avoid it.

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When installing Windows 11 you had until now two alternatives. Register the operating system with a Microsoft account or simply register a “local account” that had nothing to do with the company.

Choosing the local account was a popular trick to avoid creating a Microsoft account to set up your PC.

You'll lose some features like account backup and access to Copilot or data sync, but many users didn't care about those.

It was also a trick to install Windows 11 without necessarily being connected to the internet. Until now when installing Windows 11 and at the point of asking for an account you entered a random email address and password that does not exist, the connection failed and the operating system gave you the option to create a local account.

This trick no longer works in the latest version of Windows 11. Instead, you'll encounter an endless denial loop that will persistently ask for a Microsoft account, with no option to create a local account.

Also the trick no longer works γράψετε σαν email το [email protected].

Ο user Zac Bowden tagged this in X. But he found that Microsoft company has left open another trick of theirs, which you can still use.

While installing Windows 11 and the moment you are in “Out of Box Experience” and specifically in the network screen, disconnect from the internet (pull out the Ethernet cable or disconnect from any Wi-Fi), press Shift + F10 at the same time and in the command line type OOBE\BYPASSNRO.

Your computer will restart and you will now have the option “I dont have internet”. Then just follow this prompt.

However, it remains to be seen how long this solution will last. Microsoft seems to want users to create and use an account on their Windows 11 PCs, which is pretty annoying, since it can show you the right ads in the Start menu, force Copilot to respond to certain things, and more .

If you are running Windows 11 and have already created a local user account, it will not be deleted and you can continue to use the local account as normal. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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