Windows 11 advertising and anti-advertising

Windows 11: As with so many things in life, the excitement of waiting is often better than the fact itself.

This is something that Microsoft, of course, knows.

windows 11 light and dark backgrounds png

The company continues teases via Twitter for more pleasure of waiting before the unveiling of Windows 11 today, June 24.

The Windows Twitter account has released a small ad that gives Windows friends the belief that 11 will be paradise.

We see a woman. Then a man's ear is clearly waiting for the new boot sound of Windows 11. And finally, another woman turns to us and stares, as if under the influence of something very big. The Windows spell.

Look closely at her eyes and you will see the new Windows 11 wallpaper - unveiled early last week.

So now we realize that the new Windows will be a delight for your ears and eyes.

In the last seconds, a finger moves towards us, ready for what?

Yes Windows 11 will stimulate your ears, your eyes and your index finger in ways you could never have imagined.

This is something that those who installed the leaked ISO did not realize and noticed that it was a clone of Windows 10X

Of course there are those who are obsessed with Windows who saw it and thought it looked very nice and a little more like MacOS.

But the questions remain: What about stability and upcoming updates? The above ad seems to have been created several decades ago, to create expectations.

How can you be calm when you know that these expectations will stand in the way of what they advertise? The appearance that evokes the senses. So we have the solution:

Try closing your eyes and putting your index fingers in each of your ears. It will work…



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