Windows 11 displays warnings on unsupported hardware

Windows 11 has some additional requirements, which makes it difficult to install on older computers. However, difficult does not mean impossible.

Microsoft is not supposed to allow the operating system to install on older systems, but there are ways to bypass all warnings to install Windows on unsupported hardware. w11note

So Microsoft decided to display warnings to people using Windows 11 Insider on unsupported hardware.

A screenshot of an unsupported system displays a Windows 11 watermark with a crying emoji and a distress sign.

Windows 11 running Dev Channel on build 22557 - which was released about a week ago - started displaying a watermark stating "System Requirements Not Meet" in the lower right corner of the desktop.

It looks a lot like the "Windows not activated" watermark, but only appears on the desktop wallpaper, it does not appear on top of other applications or windows.

  Win11SysCheck is another compatibility tool that works

It is important to note that this warning only appeared in the Dev Channel versions of Windows Insider.

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