Windows 11 a new operating system with Windows 10 code

Microsoft has promised that Windows 11 will be better, more beautiful and faster - at least if we believe the company's marketing.
Of course, it's a little silly for developers in Redmond to use the old Windows 10 code with some visual changes to develop a whole new operating system.

Windows 10 11

So they managed to bring the old Windows 10 bugs to the new "wonderful" Windows 11. Tensforum was the first to report that Windows 11 was flooding the TMP folder with empty junk (a bug that has been around for months in Windows 10). .

Which is the subject;

From version 21H1 of Windows 10 onwards, both Home and Pro versions tend to fill the System Profile folder with blank Temp entries. The entries can be found in the folder:

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ config \ systemprofile \ AppData \ Local

The following image shows the .tmp files.

temp files
(Source: Tensforum)

The problem has been known since Windows 10 for quite some time, as the image above shows entries with dates from March 2020. Of course the same problem continues to exist with Windows 11.

If you have Windows 11 installed you can check in the above path and you will see several of these folders accumulated on your computer.

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