The Windows 11 update worsened AMD's performance

Microsoft launched the new Windows 11 operating system on October 5. Soon after, AMD warned that the latest version of Windows was causing a reduction in the performance of its processors.

But after first update of the new operating system, it seems that the problem has worsened further.amd ryzen 7

A new report from TechPowerUp found that systems running AMD Ryzen processors were much later after the first update to the new Windows 11 released this week.

In addition, Microsoft and AMD report that Windows 11 installed on Ryzen processors experienced a performance slowdown of up to 15% in some video games and L3 cache, which was three times longer.

A different problem affects Team Red core technology that shifts threads to the faster core of a processor. According to AMD, the error could potentially affect CPU performance

For now, we expect updates to the above bugs to be released on Ryzen processors by the end of this month.

However, the fact that these problems still occur despite the fact that Microsoft has significantly reduced the number of eligible processors is still surprising.

According to a WccFTech report, about 55 percent of all computers do not qualify for the new Windows. Only 44,4 percent of computers meet CPU requirements, while only 52,55 percent meet TPM 2.0 requirements. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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