Windows 11 official presentation in many words

Microsoft has officially introduced Windows 11, a new iteration of Windows that promises many visual improvements, as well as new behaviors in the core operating system experience.

The new Windows 11 will be released for Windows Insiders from next week, according to Microsoft. The company has not announced a release date for the fixed version of Windows 11, although it will likely happen sometime in the fall.

Windows 11

New features in Windows 11 include a simplified taskbar with a new Start menu, as well as some visual enhancements such as rounded corners and a new look for familiar UI elements - even with the way light moves in pixels.

Of course there were also words like:

"Windows should be familiar to you," said Microsoft CEO Panos Panay. "It must be safe. It has to be emotional. ”

Microsoft has announced that more than one billion users are using Windows and that computers will play a central role in the future. The company executives said they wanted to create windows that are fresh and modern and bring people closer to what they love, such as games and streaming video.

Microsoft did not say whether Windows 11 would be available as a free upgrade, although all previous Windows updates were free.

We are waiting to see the first version that will be released for insiders in a week. Let's see, will the company change anything in the stability of the updates?

Personally, I see it a little pale. More than one billion users use different hardware and settings. So we should probably forget about the stability of the versions, when what essentially changes the upcoming version will be the appearance.

My prediction for the upcoming Windows 10,5 of Insiders is that the company will use the same test structure, with minimal internal testers and millions of Insiders. Once the adventurous try the early beta, Microsoft will have a mature beta for everyone to be able to minimize the bugs before releasing the "stable" to businesses.

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