Windows 11 Finally: New Snipping Tool to record video from the screen

The Snipping Tool in Windows 11 will soon be updated to include screen recording, which means Windows users won't have to use third-party tools just to record their screens.

Snipping tool

Windows 11 insiders will start getting access to the updated Snipping Tool starting today, and selecting a new recording will let you record an entire screen or even a section of your choice.

This particular update comes more than four years after Microsoft first introduced a new Snipping Tool experience for Windows.

Microsoft has just started testing the new tool with Windows 11 insiders in the developer channel, so it's likely that in a few weeks or months, this updated tool will roll out to everyone using Windows 11.

“We know the Snipping Tool is a favorite among the Insider community, so we're very excited to introduce a built-in screen recorder with this update!” explains Dave Grochocki, principal product manager for Windows applications.

"The Snipping Tool has always made it quick and easy to capture and share content from your computer, and with built-in screen recording, we're expanding those capabilities to even more types of content." The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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