Windows 11 charges batteries over 100%

Windows, like any other operating system, has several bugs and some of them are hilarious. One such case is a recent bug spotted by some Insiders apparently using the latest version 22494 of the Windows 11 Dev channel released a few days ago.

This is a visual error that incorrectly indicates the battery capacity of laptops. According to the operating system, the battery capacity can be much higher than 100%.

1636348510 windows 11 battery 115 (source zondax reddit) cropped

For example, a Redditor named GlitchyDragon65 he published a screenshot of the Windows 11 desktop with the battery capacity showing 115%. The image also shows that the user is running version 22494 released on the Dev channel.

Another Reddit user, Zondax, whose post has garnered more than a thousand positive votes so far, posted on the same subreddit a first image showing the battery capacity at 103%, while the second went to 104%.

However, Microsoft engineer Jennifer Gentleman took note of the reports and said the company was looking into the matter.

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