Windows 11 SE for cheaper hardware

Microsoft is reportedly developing a new version of Windows 11 for low-cost devices, such as the upcoming Surface laptop, which will be built specifically for education.

Although we know very little at the moment, the new operating system that the company is preparing will be optimized to work even on slower 11 see

Although this could of course upset all those computers that have been blocked from installing Windows 11. But Microsoft's intention is to make Windows 11 run on cheaper hardware, and this will essentially allow it to target the domain. of education with attractive offers.

One possible name for the new operating system is Windows 11 SE.

In the age of Windows 98, the abbreviation SE was used for "second edition". But this time SE seems to mean Student Edition or something. Microsoft wants to make it clear that it is not the full version of Windows 11.

Windows 11 SE is expected to be released later this year, most likely with the new Surface laptop that Microsoft is building for students.

However, this operating system will also be available to other PC makers interested in releasing low-cost Windows 11 devices. Microsoft hopes that the new operating system will create a whole new class of devices that will help it gain a lot in the field of education where Google Chromebooks already dominate.

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