Windows 11 and the Clover Trail lesson

In recent days, Microsoft has decided to exclude old processors from the upgrade to Windows 11. It all started with announcements that the company will make Windows 11 available to anyone interested in seeing it.

(Of course, all this has benefited Microsoft, since the titles of the latest publications on the Internet contain "Windows 11". And all this before it is released ..)

Later, while Microsoft friends were sailing in a sea of ​​happiness, they started popping up posts that limited "everyone". The start was made when the well-known website The Verge announced that Microsoft would allow upgrades via ISO.

Microsoft read the post and contacted author Tom Warren to let him know that these Windows 11 systems may do not receive security updates or driver updates.

So Warren says it is unclear whether Microsoft is trying to protect itself legally or whether it really wants to prevent the upgrade. for other reasons.


Let us mention the example of Clover Trail, then with Windows 10. Systems with Clover Tail processors were released with Windows 8.x and could be updated to Windows 10 RTM.

But then it turned out that the installation of Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1607) was not working. The reason was because Intel no longer provided drivers in Windows 10 for the GPU that was built into the chipset.

As a result, Microsoft has announced that it will have updates for Windows 10 systems running Intel Clover Trail processors by 2023. It is possible that the company does not want to make the same mistake again.

When will Windows 11 be released?

Microsoft has not yet released a release date for Windows 11, but is talking about the end of 2021. Intel has revealed the release date (October 2021) on its blog. However, the release date will probably not concern too many, after the Microsoft red card. The hardware requirements for Windows 11 to see a new GUI do not justify buying a new computer. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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